Intrathecal Drug Delivery – A Visual Explanation
February 21, 2017
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Drug Pumps for Cancer Pain

A drug pump is a surgically implanted device that delivers medication directly to the spinal fluid, close to the pain receptors. It allows for an effective, controlled dosage at a fraction of the amount of medication needed for an oral dose, with fewer side effects. A drug pump includes a pump and a catheter. The pump is what stores the medication, and it is filled by a doctor using a needle. The catheter, which is connected to the pump, is inserted into the area around the spinal cord.

Drug pumps have several advantages over other types of pain management therapies:

  • You can be tested to see if this method will work for you before the pump is even implanted
  • If you decide to try another method of treatment, the device can be turned off or removed
  • Drug pump patients usually experience less of the unpleasant side effects that oral medications produce
  • A drug pump may work for you even if oral medications or injections have not

If you suffer from chronic cancer pain, a drug pump may be a great way to treat your pain. See our previous post for a visual explanation of how they work. Watch the video below to learn what other drug pump patients have to say about this therapy.

Please note the important safety information at the end of the video. To understand the complete benefits and risks of drug delivery therapy, please discuss them in detail with your Cancer Pain Care physician.