Drug Pumps for Cancer Pain
May 11, 2017
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Intrathecal Drug Delivery – A Visual Explanation

A common question our physicians receive is, “How does intrathecal drug delivery therapy work?”

First off, know that our patients experience a great amount of freedom after their drug delivery device has been implanted. Many of them are able to significantly reduce the amount of oral medication taken, or in some cases, stop the oral medication entirely. Because the drug pump delivers medication directly to the spinal fluid and close to the pain receptors, it only needs a fraction of the dose when compared to oral medications.

See how a drug pump delivers pain medication directly to the fluid around the spinal cord.

To learn if this therapy is the best solution for your chronic pain, call or schedule an appointment today with one of our physicians at a location convenient for you.

Please note the important safety information at the end of the video. To understand the complete benefits and risks of drug delivery therapy, please discuss them in detail with your Cancer Pain Care physician.